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Ready to regain your health, vitality & zest for life?

W E L C O M E !
At Nutrition and You, we believe that good health is key to living your best life. That's why our holistic approach takes into account all aspects of your health and wellness needs. We have a range of natural remedies, homoeopathic and nutritional supplements to help you achieve your health goals. Our herbal dispensary of Western & Chinese herbs means we can prescribe specific remedies to suit your changing needs.

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How we help you reset your whole being

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Hi, I'm Irene

I'm a long-term registered general and obstetric nurse with diplomas in Medical Herbalism, Iridology (German, Jensen & Hall), and Clinical Nutrition. Irene is trained in Live Blood Screening and has an Advanced Certificate in Natural Fertility Management and Preconception Health Care.  She enjoys working with parents-to-be and understands other hormonal imbalances (male and female) that may occur in later life.


Irene has many years of experience in presenting Healthy Cooking Classes. Her educational classes have demonstrated how easy it is to prepare economical and healthy vegetarian and nonvegetarian meals. All of Irene's recipes are quick and easy to prepare. They are ideal for improving the general health of children, adults, athletes or active people, and couples planning a healthy baby. Many of the meals are created in one pot, so there is less time spent in the kitchen with less to wash up.

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Healthy Living Inspiration

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Welcome to Nutrition and You

A Caring and Professional Approach to Short and Long Term Good Health!
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