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Irene's clinic, Nutrition and You, Kaleen, Canberra

The initial consultation takes approximately one and a half hours.


Providing good dietary guidance is an important part of Irene’s work to help people "Get Back On Track" to maintaining a better health and wellness routine. Remember ... "Diabetes and heart disease doesn't wait for you to get old - it is catching up with children and adults (and the animal kingdom) much to fast"!


Herbal remedies are dispensed according to individual needs, live blood findings, tongue and pulse screening and presenting symptoms.

A follow up consultation two to three weeks after the initial appointment to review the progress that is being made generally takes from around 30 minutes.

Please ring me on 0427276886 if you have further questions or would like to make an appointment.

New Clients

Some “heads up” information before seeing new clients provides extra time to discuss matters during a scheduled appointment.


This includes:-

a). A list of all current medications
b). A recent pathology report is very helpful
c). Their main health concerns

d). Maybe who referred them to the clinic.

First consultation:

Time to allow for this is a good 1 1/2 hours. Consultation hours are flexible, and weekends are also fine. First consultation is $150.00, no charge for extra time spent or questions before our next consult. Second consultation is $65.00 and for a live blood screening a total of $80.00.

Prior to our first meeting, I prepare some notes and go over all medications, current supplements, and any recent pathology reports. There is no charge for preparation time as it’s important to know what remedies are compatible with different medications. Our time together is therefore better spent understanding your presenting symptoms, and where to go from there.

There’s a brief questionnaire to fill out (so bring your glasses) - over a cuppa if you wish. After discussing this I do a salivary pH and zinc test, Chinese pulses, and check your tongue to help understand your digestive and circulation potential at the given time. I recheck this at our next consultation and discuss any changes in your herb mix as well as any dietary, and fluid tweaks that will improve and help you stay moving towards better long-term health and goals.

Live Blood Screening is a special part of my work - this is one drop of your blood put on a microscope slide. The simple basics of this help me understand more about your circulation, digestive, inflammatory issues, and immune potential (it’s important to be adequately hydrated for this). You’re welcome to video this on your phone to review your progress.

As an ex-nursing teacher, I will briefly explain why I’ve chosen particular herbs and why I’ve dispensed them in your mix.

My work is my hobby and I love what I do. Every client is special and getting to the etiology (or cause) of their presenting symptoms is unique. I take a holistic approach to assessing and understanding each person as this is essential in addressing the underlying cause to prescribe the best possible remedy for each person. This could be circulation, digestion, liver, gallbladder disharmony, work and/or personal stress, eating too fast or dietary aspects to tweak for example.


In clinical practice, I frequently find that what people are eating and not assimilating efficiently is affecting their metabolism and general health. Addressing the weak link in the body can be the magic element to hasten recovery. It does concern me that most people I see in clinical practice need support with better nutrition. This is why we are making our Nutrition and You cooking videos. You will find these fun and easy to do - no complicated recipes just proper food the way it used to be.

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