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Irene's clients keep coming back! 

Here are some of their experiences 

Woman Sleeping

Sleeping naturally

Working in high pressures IT environments I struggled to get six hours sleep a night. I thought sleep was a
waste of time. I have since learned the importance of quality sleep to rejuvenate the body.
Irene has provided me with natural treatments that have done wonders. I now enjoy sleep and her dietary
advice has resulted in far less arthritis pain.
After being told by several doctors that my running days were over - I now regularly run 5km and am a
happier person.
There are a couple more things to fix and we are making good progress.
Irene, thank you for your care and skill. I continue to learn from your vast repository of knowledge.

Chris Christoff, Engineer, Project Manager

Cooking classes

I have known Irene for over 10 years. 

She is a dedicated nutritionist, knowledgeable herbalist, and remarkable cook. 

I enjoyed her cookbook “A Wake Up Call”, and even more so, her informative and nutritious cooking classes – they are fun, informative and a great opportunity to learn about preparing delicious healthy food.

I am also benefiting from some nutritional supplements and throat drops Irene makes in her dispensary.

Dr Juli Ferguson, MD, PhD

Irene in the kitche

Dear Irene

"We" just wanted to send you our most heartfelt thanks for your help in the miraculous conception of our beautiful baby girl.

After 4½ years (and less than 2 months treatment with you), A was conceived. 


After a dream pregnancy and natural birth, she arrived a week and a half early to two very happy parents.

When we decide to try for a 2nd child , we will once again seek your help.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

raising healthy children

Happy Parents

Live Blood Screening

Thank you Irene, for yet another wonderful consultation with you last Wednesday. I particularly appreciated the Live Blood Screening, for we got to see what is truly going at a cellular level. You have a wealth of knowledge to interpret the results and explained them succinctly. I look forward to taking the herbal tonics you prescribed; your other tonics I have taken in the past made a big difference to my health issues.


I always appreciate your expert assistance to help restore my health. 

Marianne, Canberra

Irene and personalised nutritional plans for clients

From Canberra Migraine
Support Group

Hands Up

Thank you very much for the excellent talk you gave to the group.  We all found it most interesting and even inspiring, you gave us many ideas for improving our diet and reducing our migraines. 


I'm sure you'll be hearing from some of our members, whether it be for consultation or your Healthy Cooking classes.

Once again thank you for the time and effort you put in.

J V, Secretary, Canberra Migraine Support Group

Dear Irene

I would just like to thank you for listening to my battle with UTI's which I've been suffering from for over 30 years.  

I have seen numerous doctors over the years who have always prescribed antibiotics and have never tried to help with the 'why'.


Your herbal tonics have definitely seen an improvement - still not a cure - however I am feeling so much better than before.


Kathy, Canberra

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