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Dietary Advice

Irene is a long time advocate of eating to maintain good health and good energy. In clinical practice eating better in conjunction with taking nutritional supplements and/or herbal remedies as prescribed, greatly accelerates the healing process and reduces the overall cost of obtaining good health.


Did you know that what you just ate becomes your blood or 'your river of life' which bathes your brain cells, muscles, bones and other tissue cells in your body. Eating for good health is not a fad health program - it is a very necessary part of surviving the chemical driven world that surrounds us.


Heart disease doesn't wait for you to get old - it is currently catching up with our younger generation much too fast.

In the past there has been a lot of confusion about what one should and should not eat. The best diet that is suitable for this day and age as well as preventative medicine for heart disease, diabetes, male and female hormonal imbalance, getting children on to healthier food choices, and improving energy and immune function is explained clearly in Irene's book A WAKEUP CALL. This comprehensive guide to diet and nutrition explains in simple and practical language how to get onto the right track to obtaining good health and maintaining this in the long term.


A WAKEUP CALL has its own separate spiral-bound Nutrition and You Seven-Day Healthy Eating Guide and Recipe Supplement. The menu offers taste thrills galore - using only wholesome and natural ingredients, and caters to the needs of people who are gluten and/or dairy intolerant or suffer from irritable bowel problems. There are many selections for each meal including: 


  • the "Zone".


  • Fat-loss.


  • Hard-to-lose body fat.


  • Athletes and/or very physically active people.


  • Alternatives for vegetarians and vegans are included. 


A WAKEUP CALL provides easy-to-understand and apply advice on improving your health with quick and easy - genuinely healthy meals. Suitable for children, adults, athletes, preconception health care mums and dads, pregnant and/or breastfeeding women, this book includes meal planning and recipes to improve energy, balance blood sugar levels, conquer and maintain fat loss, and strengthen immune function. 


Slim down, tone up and/or detoxify the body with genuinely healthy, quick, and easy meals - for everyone. Eat your way out of the current diabetic epidemic and into good health.

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