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100 Toxic Food Chemicals

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additives banned in other countries
Alarm bells are ringing – science and research are revealing increasing dangers of environmental toxins that are affecting people of all ages.

One hundred (100) Food Chemicals in a day

 The so-called "healthy average Australian diet" can easily provide you with over 100 toxic food chemicals each day. Many of these are suspect carcinogens and proven to cause nervous system damage, hyperactivity, damage to babies, children, pregnant and breast-feeding women.


Whilst food labelling will disclose how much salt, sugar, carbohydrate, protein and fat solids are in the food, dangerous food additives can fail to appear on the label. Some of the worst additives are found in packet chips, rice crackers, cheese crackers, two-minute noodles, luncheon meats, cordial drinks, chocolate flavoured milk, frankfurts and sausages.


A 5% loophole in the law, allows manufacturers to get away with not listing 5% of the additives in their product regardless of how toxic the chemical. The wording Natural Colour relates to Cochineal which is derived from crushed insects which is suspected of embryo toxicity and is linked to hyperactivity. And …. . some of the food additives banned in baby food are heavily impregnated in foods that are commercially marketed at small children.


Many food additives previously declared safe are recalled and banned when the damaging effects are well entrenched in the bodies of humans and animals. Professor Russel Blaylock says that "the effect of food chemicals on humans is five times more than that of mice and rhesus monkeys.”


Additives such as vibrant colours, flavour enhancers and thickeners are used purely as cosmetic agents to improve sales of cheap and poor-quality foods.


No MSG…….! claims can really mean that food contains MSG under another name!  Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other brain aging diseases, hormonal and endocrine health problems can be directly related to MSG and similar glutamate food additives.


So what about Aspartame toxicity….. for 20 years scientists radically opposed the use of aspartame in food due to its proven toxicity.  The US manufactures Searle Laboratory proved in their own two-year study that aspartame was clearly linked to brain tumors in rats! In 1981 the US Food and Drug Commissioner Arthur Hull Hayes rallied to have it approved. Then one month later resigned to become a senior executive that managed Searle’s accounts!!!!!


The following numbers are those of food additives that are banned in other countries because of their link to cancer, birth defects or other serious safety concerns.


Reference: Additive Alert by Julie Eady ISBN 0-9775176-1-6



additive alert

Male and female health is seriously declining.  Hormonal and reproductive health are a reflection of one’s general health and endocrine function.  Second to female age, the health of male sperm alone is relevant in 50% of infertility cases.  IVF is far from a perfect science – the biggest challenge being the capacity of a couple to produce a viable embryo in the first place.  Some simple dietary changes and adequate preconception health care from a qualified practitioner three months before conception can influence and increase the chances of a healthy baby.  Some people can take longer to decongest and move deeper levels of toxins from their bodies.  As naturopathic practitioners we have the time and the understanding to support clients with dietary advice, appropriate nutritional supplements, hormonal imbalance, successful weight loss and life style changes.        

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