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I’m receiving lots of calls re helping oneself with nutritional options in this time of covid - the changing variants of this virus - and which, what, when is the vaccination of choice.


We know that zinc, vitamin D and C, antioxidants such as resveratrol, elder berries, green tea, ginger, Licorice (herb) and medicinal mushrooms, support immune function.   Adequate vitamin D uptake takes a couple of weeks; 4,000 IU is recommended.


As 75% of our immune defence lies in our gut micro biome it makes good sense to choose the right probiotic.   Please remember that some probiotics help with IBS, some are formulated for urogenital health, mothers and babies, osteoporosis also, whilst others are formulated to help against respiratory allergies and support lung and immune function or metabolic issues.  


So, like the vaccine … one size doesn’t fit all and understanding all underlying health issues requires due consideration.  These include in particular - leaky gut, autoimmune and inflammatory issues, low immunity and some genetic issues.   Needless to say, ongoing stress, dehydration, comfort eating and inadequate nutrients to support the current times.


The thought of blood clots, antibody - dependent enhancement (ADE), spike proteins, evidence of rising infection (pre and post vaccine) are common questions clients are asking.  Plus, what about natural immunity, latent viruses, have we seen the worst of it?


I haven’t heard even one media broadcasting helpful hints on good nutrition and helping to support and save one’s graciousness with food and botanical medicine.  This could be as close as one’s garden. 😋


During the Black Plague in France thieves robbing victims of the killer disease used essential oils to protect themselves from getting the infection.   When they were captured, they were offered a lighter sentence in exchange for their secret recipe.


Lots to consider - please email or text for practitioner suggestions and appropriate remedies to assist with general health and wellness protocols.   

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