WillauTronic eSmog Devices

Area eSmog Neutralizer

The WillauTronic Area eSmog Neutralizer works on the principle of destructive or inverse interference to eliminate specific information signals. It helps prevent this negative or harmful information from affecting our bio-system. Preliminary tests have shown a dramatic reduction in the negative biological effects by employing such protection devices. Basically they harmonize electromagnetic fields, which are essential for mankind as we are inextricably linked to the biological system that is our environment. Easy to install: simply pug it into an electrical receptacle in a dry indoor area.

eSmog Mobile Phone Chip

The WillauTronic mobile phone device works on the principle of inverse interference to eliminate specific information signals which accompany mobile phone signals. This helps offset the negative or harmful information affecting our body. It is an easy to install protective device that suits all types of mobile phones. Being very thin it fits on the inside of the phone battery and does not change the optical aesthetics of your phone.

eSmog Cordless Phone Chip

The WillauTronic cordless phone device works in the same way as the WillauTronic Mobile phone chip. Cordless chips are sold as a set of two chips: one chip for the telephone handset and one chip for the base station.

eSmog Computer Chip

The WillauTronic computer device is based on the same principle as the phone devices but it is designed to be attached to a desktop computer`s power supply. Laptop computers need to have the chip placed on the battery near the power connection terminals like on a mobile phone.

eSmog Television Chip

The WillauTronic Television esmog unit is also based on the same principle as the mobile telephone devices and it must be attached to the television near to the AC power cord.

eSmog Microwave Chip

The WillauTronic Microwave eSmog unit is also based on the same principle as the mobile telephone devices and it must be attached to the microwave near to the AC power cord. However, an added benefit of the Microwave eSmog chip consists of the fact that when food is processed in the microwave with the WillauTronic chip attached, no destructive harm occurs to the food being cooked. This is a revolutionary product indeed as most of the nutrition within food is destroyed by microwave ovens, unless of course they have a WillauTronic chip attached to the oven.

WillauTronic® Harmonising Personal Pendant

Harmonising of the electromagnetic fields is very important for man, because we, as earthly beings, are fully integrated into the biological conditions prevailing, through the electrical system in our environment. In turn this means that every change of the natural environmental electro smog represents a serious intervention in the communication process of our bodies, bringing about misalignment and false information signals, which eventually allows cell chaos and disease to develop.

WillauTronic's mission is to inform people everywhere of the danger of progressive and irreversible neurological damage accompanying the convenience of existing and emerging electrical technologies. Electro smog, though invisible, is affecting the lives of everyone, hence us offering you with products that can drastically reduce the amount of electro smog affecting you and those dear to you.

Just to clarify things, the WillauTronic® products are not magnets. All WillauTronic® personal pendants have a programmed computer chip within them which creates a field, which in turn harmonises the negative field.

All anti-electro smog transformers offered by the WillauTronic company are based on the principle of destructive interference and by applying this process in the production phase, it is possible to neutralise that negative Information which adversely affects the human body, bringing about an automatic harmonisation of the electromagnetic fields.

Some of the known electrical technologies that can have an impact on our human body field.

  • Transmitting Towers for Radio, TV, Mobile, GPS - Satellite navigation

  • Transformers

  • High tension powerlines

  • Microwave, all aeroplanes land and take off using microwave, also used in surveillance cameras for coast guards etc.

  • Surveillance cameras, shopping centres, petrol stations, airports etc.

  • Flights

  • Remote control devices, these transmit and receive information

  • Electronic doors e.g. supermarkets, banks, garage, car etc.

  • Teller machines

  • Car travel. Most cars now days run on computers

  • Fluro Lights

  • Computers

  • Cordless phones

  • Water beds.

  • Electric blankets

  • Digital cameras

  • Touch lamps

  • Hair dryers

  • Air-conditioning

  • Photocopiers


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