How WillauTronic eSmog Responders Work

How WillauTronic eSmog Responders Work

The ultimate stress factor, esmog, goes practically unnoticed by the general population. eSmog is ubiquitous, it permeates everyone and everything. No matter where we are - at home, at the workplace, at school, in the car, in the department store or out-of-doors - electromagnetic fields of the most diverse frequencies are everywhere, aggravating our already compromised stress levels. Stress is not to be taken lightly, however, as it affects body and mind.

WillauTronic eSmog-Responders reduce eSmog-induced stress, thus providing relief for the immune system and re-activating the body's self regulatory properties. By way of a special process (destructive interference) and a unique technology developed by Walter (iHIT - Inverted Harmonized Information Technology), the negative information contained in eSmog is neutralized.

WillauTronic's PR material unanimously points to the fact that the efficacy of the WillauTronic eSmog-Responders unfolds exclusively on an informatory level (i.e., in the realm of subtle energies). In other words: WillauTronic® eSmog-Responders do not change the part of eSmog which can be physically measured; WillauTronic eSmog-Responders do no change the sender frequency or the amplitude. Rather their efficacy lies exclusively in their ability to neutralize negative information, a fact corroborated and appreciated by the innumerable natural medical tests and highly satisfied customers worldwide who enjoy the benefits of the WillauTronic eSmog-Responders.

This begs the question: How does one then explain the efficacy of the WillauTronic eSmog-Responders?

A living organism is not only controlled by the delicate biochemical interaction between molecules, cells, tissues, organs and organ systems. Equally important is the interaction between information and molecules, cells, tissues, organs and organ systems. Each biological system possesses its own localized information as well as its own localized field which is connected to the respective fields of all the other biological systems (just as each quantum is connected to all the other quantums with which it shared the same quantum state). The organism consists of particles which combine to form atoms and molecules and which, in turn, form cells, tissue and organs. Each individual unit possesses both a material and an informatory aspect.

Notwithstanding the chips' many remarkable features, it is Walter Laufs' unparalleled method of programming (which he developed especially for his WillauTronic product range) with the help of which he was able to permanently transfer information onto blank metal chips so that no degradation of information would occur. Therefore each chip is also an information carrier.

It is only during the final programming stage (by means of a specially developed software and electronics) that the chip becomes an original WillauTronic eSmog-Responder. This programming technique is unparalleled worldwide and trade secret-protected.


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