When talking to a teacher friend at the local swimming pool I asked if she knew about the high levels of radiation that come from mobile and hands free phones. She thought for a moment and then replied "Oh yes I do remember that when they were first introduced, there was all of this talk and concern about how bad they were for you. Then mysteriously every thing went quiet and there was no more information from the media about this subject".

Tell me "Have they sorted this problem out, or are wireless telephones still a health concern for those who use them"?

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There is no doubt that new age technology and devices such as telephones, computers, microwaves and an assortment of electrical gadgets have made life and communication in the modern world very quick and easy - but are you aware of just how much radiation you are exposed to from these devices? Electromagnetic radiation - called E-Smog is YET another one of the polluting substances that our modern world has created. Much of this toxic waste is produced from the communication devices that are part of modern technology. E-Smog, doesn't go away - or float up into the atmosphere (destroying other parts of the universe), it accumulates and hangs around Mother Earth causing dangerously high levels of pollution, which for many people today has become a major contributing factor to ill health. After reading a book titled A Handy Way To Cook Your Brain, by Dr David R. James and Ora S. James, published in 2005, it became clear to me that we have been kept in the dark about the very high levels of electromagnetic radiation that is all around us. In the home and at work - in a variety of ways, we are exposed to all sorts of radiation, through out the day and night.

Electro magnetic radiation was proven to cause ill health before some products were released into the market place!

Radiation fields have proven to be extremely harmful to humans and animals - and would you believe it, the items that are closest to your body - your mobile and hands free telephones can be zapping your energy and causing ill health. Computers, your television and the new age electrical and wireless devices of the modern world also discharge high levels of electromagnetic radiation. By the way - scientific research proved that some radioactive devices were dangerous to humans and animal health - before they were released onto the market. Some things that you should have been made aware of back then were not made public because they were not in your best interest to know about. There are a large number of books on this subject and over ten thousand scientific reports document the last 40 years of research, on the harmful effects of the very same high frequency radiation band which mobile telephone providers use today.

Why have we not been informed of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation before?

You may wonder why you have not been informed about the dangers of electromagnetic fields before - well, the cover up is to do with money, and from what I've read it is to do with really big bucks. "What makes it all so absurd" says Dr David James in his book, "is the fact that the government, the military and the telephone industry are all fully cognisant of these publications. Mind you, they do not seem to be rushing to make the public aware of this information, as one would have thought that they might. And why not? Because they are afraid of spreading indignation and panic!"

Dr James goes on to say, "in the case of the mobile telephone industry, we are not talking small beer here! This is a massively powerful, multibillion dollar, multinational industry which, in its financial greed for ever-increasing profits, is prepared to mercilessly sacrifice the health and wellbeing of millions of people all over the world". Of course you can't see the radiation, but the radiation towers are highly visible, except when carefully hidden. Dr James' work has been proven by many independent scientific and medical researchers, these findings of which are illustrated and explained well in his book. He explains the truth about many things and provides answers to help you protect your self and your family against the electromagnetic radiation that is released from the E-Smog of telephones and other wireless devices, computers and household electrical gadgets.

Hands free and mobile telephones expose you to a very high level of radiation.

Contrary to previous assumptions, using hands free or mobile phones can significantly increase our brain exposure to radiation, according to research conducted by a consumer research magazine. The new findings revealed that a hands free earpiece more than triples the brains' exposure to radiation, compared to that of a conventional mobile phone. The one critical factor being the distance between the top of the telephone phone aerial and the ear.

There are many types of electromagnetic fields we are exposed to day and night, wherever we are on this planet. Invisible energy fields are radiating from electrical and magnetic devices such as high voltage electrical cables, transformers and sub-stations, radio and television transmitters, microwave ovens, mobile and hands free phones, as well as a host of other appliances that are used in the household and the work place. In some American cities this is in excess of 100 million times higher than the natural electromagnetic field of Mother Earth.

Our bodies respond best under normal conditions of 8Hz to 10Hz. The natural predominant magnetic frequency oscillations that come from the earth are around 9.6Hz to 10.4Hz. Oscillating frequencies below 20Hz are considered not only safe but also beneficial to health. In the microwave band, the extremely high range of radio frequencies that are produced from most digital mobile cell phones today, ranges from 300MHz – 3000MHz of Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR). When a digital mobile cell phone is held close to the side of the head, the main frequencies used are typically from 900MHz to 1900MHz, (that is 1900 million cycles per second!) There are now some G3 types of cell phones that operate at 2100MHz. Frequency and waveforms are more important than power levels.

Are you really serious about this, mate?

It is extremely difficult to avoid radiation in this day and age, even if one wanted to.  Mobile and hands free telephones omit some of the most damaging frequencies of any wireless device, and (when unprotected), are fast becoming a contact source of dangerously high levels of radiation. It is recommended that you keep them as far away from your body as possible. Or one could stick to a rigid and very disciplined plan and reduce the time you talk on your mobile or hands free telephone to three minutes PER YEAR, proposed by an eminent doctor in the USA.

Did you also know that using a mobile or hands free phone is like holding a microwave oven to ones head. The same microwave frequency range (0.36GHz to 300GHz) is used by high performance civilian radar equipment in satellite transmission systems, terrestrial cell based units and UHF television transmitters. Your mobile phone frequency is right next to that of microwave ovens. The frequency allocated to telephone manufactures lies exactly in the middle of that used by medical doctors in the treatment of cancers, to irradiate and kill human cells - both cancerous and healthy.

People who use unprotected mobile phones are two and a half times more likely to have a temporal brain tumour on the side of their head.

Figures show that brain tumours are currently the number one life-threatening disease for children - now above leukaemia. Children are more at risk because they absorb 50% more radiation than adults do because their skull bones are softer and their nervous system is still developing.

Parents are now being warned to limit their children's use of mobile phones!

The alarm was sounded after scientists admitted that the latest research suggests a genuine radiation risk to youngsters' brains. Sir William Stewart, the British Government's chief adviser on mobile phones, made it clear that it was irresponsible to allow young children to use mobile phones. "Parents should not buy young children mobile phones," he said.

It's a disgrace that the mobile telephone industry is marketing its product at children from five years upwards. British mobile phone expert Professor Colin Blakemore urged parents to be cautious about allowing their children to use a mobile telephone because the effects are more exaggerated in young children.

Figures from the wireless media company 'i Touch' show that 50,000 Australian children aged between five and nine years own a mobile phone, with numbers expected to rise to 80,000 during 2005 and 90,000 by 2006. Australian teenagers lead the world in mobile use, with 45% of 13-to-15 year olds owning one, their average bill being around $50.00 each month. Do parents really have to give their kids everything that they think they want when their brains are programmed to this belief by the high sell advertising media?!

The Australian Monday June 28th 2004 finally reported that mobile phones can cut sperm count by up to 30%. This is very old news to practitioners of natural medicine, especially those of us who work with men and women's health in the area of improving fertility and the general health of both parents prior to conception. It takes three months for the body to make a healthy egg or sperm – that is, after detoxification of the body is completed. This means eating better as well as taking appropriate nutritional supplements and in particular reducing the amount of chemicals and high frequency radiation that both parents are exposed to.

More people are becoming sick, due to electromagnetic radiation toxicity.

In this day of deceit and deception about what is really surrounding us and polluting the air, more and more people are becoming electro-sensitive – this is referred to as ES. To enlighten us about how bad this situation has become, a symposium was called at the Royal Society of Medicine, London, in September 2004 on electro sensitivity (ES) in humans. The symptoms of ES that have been observed in humans are: sleep disorders, nervousness, poor concentration, memory loss, lack of energy, muscle cramps and headaches. In Sweden, electro sensitive people are not classified as sick – rather as physically impaired.

Do keep reading, this is not all bad news. You can reduce high levels of radiation that come from your mobile phone and other wireless devices – to name but a few. So don't throw your mobile telephone in the lake (the waterways are drastically over polluted as it is), or start sending smoke signals to your friends, or ring up and abuse the person who sold you and your family a microwave oven. Just hang five for a minute, understand the facts and then you can do things to help yourself about the E-Smog situation. You can still use your "best friend" to "gas bag" to your friends and business acquaintances (all day if you wish), with the addition of a small chip called a WillauTronic e-Smog handy chip (WillauTronic handy chip).

How long do you or your family members talk on a mobile or hands free telephone - or have it switched on in close contact to your body?

Who do you know that might fit into the bracket of an ES sick person (or animal)? with symptoms of – irritability, headaches, sleep disorders, poor concentration, weakened immune system, tiredness, nausea or localised pain around the hip or hot spots around the ear where contact is made with a cordless telephone. Whilst in naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic and Osteopathic treatments, these symptoms can arise from a variety of conditions, it is very wise to first check that the person is not suffering from electromagnetic sickness. One of the easiest ways to do this is to put the WillauTronic handy chip on the mobile and/or hands free phone of the frequent telephone user, and see if the symptoms disappear. Natural remedies can then work in harmony with the body, the way nature intended.

For at least 5,000 years herbal medicine has provided many answers to improving one's health - now it's time to include E-Smog protection as part of a good health plan

In conjunction with positive dietary and life style changes - reducing dangerous levels of E-Smog is an essential part of a preventative medicine health program

As practitioners of preventative medicine we assist people to alleviate acute and chronic symptoms of ill health. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been around for at least 5,000 years – well before the pharmaceutical drug companies, power play issues and financial greed upset the natural health industry. When the good news finally reaches the newspapers, that, for example glucosamine is proven to assist the symptoms of arthritis, and that Vitamin E and fish oil may assist in the preventative management of heart disease and reproductive health - the news is way behind the times to the naturopathic world. We have been dispensing these natural remedies (and doing much more) for a decade or five, and getting excellent results with our patients who are taking their supplements as prescribed, and, of course, eating better. In conjunction with these positive changes - E-Smog protection has emerged as a foremost part of a preventative medicine health program.

Walter Laufs, the inventor of the WillauTronic e-Smog Handy-Chip

The inventor of the WillauTronic handy chip, Walter Laufs, originally studied medicine and then majored in physics. He has been a health practitioner since 1988 and actively pursues his passion for healing and promoting good health in his clinic in the Black Forest, Germany. A huge variety of other products in the protection against E-Smog have failed to achieve the desired results. Most established scientists had turned their backs on this endeavour believing it not possible to do. That is, until Walter Laufs was able to conquer the physics and mastermind the solution in his design of the E-Smog protection chip.

How the WillauTronic handy chip works

The principle behind the WillauTronic Chip is based on the theory of destructive interference. This basically means that in electro-physics, two matching frequencies, where one is 180º out of phase with the other, a cancelling out of both waves will happen. Walter Laufs used this principle to invent a passive protection device, in which he was able to generate a frequency matching the incoming pulsed modulated digital information signal and emf wave combination, reverse it, then code and store the result in solids.

Positive results from independent tests on the WillauTronic e-Smog chip

These findings are all described in great detail in A Handy Way to Cook Your Brain .

At a recent E-Smog awareness meeting in Munich, the main speaker, Professor Bucher of Munich University, exposed the health consequences from the increase of transmitter masts and handy phones. Many of the slides he used were from the same sources as featured in Dr James' book. The professor congratulated Dr James on such a well-researched book and agreed with it (though having some disagreement with the appendices, because a solution to known problems would devalue his standing).

Whilst modern technology has made many things happen within an instant of time the trail of e-Smog toxic waste left behind has been proven to be harmful to people and animals. As people or practitioners of good preventative medicine this is an area of serious concern that needs to be taken into account. After numerous telephone conversations with Dr James I believe that this humble scientist has devoted his life to helping others and has much to offer those interested in improving their health. People and animals need protection from dangerously high levels or electromagnetic radiation that surrounds us today. I have chosen to use WillauTronic E-Smog protection and recommend this as the sixth element of embracing a healthy lifestyle. When my son put the anti radiation chip in his mobile telephone his headaches disappeared with in two days. There are many other testimonials from people who have improved their health (some saving that it has saved their life.

Microwaves discharge dangerously high levels of electromagnetic radiation

Microwave ovens should never have been invented it seems, because in the early stages of their development they were proven to cause the same side effects as cancer cells in the blood. The research revealed a complete denaturing of food value and a fall of 90% of the vital energy content in all foods tested, and that microwaves also directly affect the biological health of humans.

The Germans, who wanted to be able to supply their soldiers with hot food at any time, initially started the research. When this method proved to be such a high risk factor, the use of microwaves was forbidden throughout the "Reichsgebiet" (Germany as well as the territories it occupied). After World War 11 the Russians did most of the diligent research on microwave ovens and as a consequence, outlawed their use.  They also issued an international warning about the damage that microwaves and using electrical appliances of similar frequencies can cause to humans and the environment.

Our 'system of justice' was persuaded to cover up the truth

In 1992 two scientists, Drs Blanc and Hertel, published a research paper which indicated that food cooked in a microwave oven caused changes in the blood similar to those in the early stages of cancer. They had no sooner published their findings than a very powerful trade organisation, The Swiss Association of Dealers for Domestic Appliances (FEA), swung into action and took them to court. The president of the court of Seftigen in the Canton of Bern, was persuaded to impose a gagging order on the two scientists which restricted them from publishing any more of their findings.

Dr Hertel battled on and appealed to the court of human rights in Strasbourg. He finally had the order overturned in his favour, with a verdict of six to three. Sadly his reward for all of his efforts to protect consumers was a payment of one third of his legal costs. Today he is still financially encumbered by the non action of the Swiss authorities in resolving the injustice that has destroyed his livelihood. Dr James is directing some of the proceeds from his book to the relief of Dr Hertel, Dr Varga and other researchers who have been pilloried and ruined by vested interests. At the time of writing this book I am not aware of a device to protect you from the harmful effects of microwaves. For your own protection I therefore advise that you do not cook or reheat food for your family, yourself or your animals using a microwave oven.  And absolutely heat baby milk or food by other more environmental friendly and safe means.

You will find a complete discussion on microwaves and protecting your self against electro magnetic radiation in A Handy Way to Cook Your Brain. This must read self-help book contains over 300 coloured pictures; 378 referenced foot notes and describes in detail the independent research that has been carried out to make mobile and hands free telephones safe for us all to use. I have imported this excellent reference book into Australia. Please phone the clinic on (02) 62415193 for a copy or for further information on the WillauTronic E-Smog protection devices for your hands free or mobile telephone, computer, television and or area neutraliser. All WillauTronic® Products come with a 5-year Guarantee.

The WillauTronic® Newsletter

7 August, 2006

Electro-smog The term electro-smog/e-smog was coined in the 1970s, much as an analogy to the term city smog, denoting the potential accumulation and concentration of hazardous exhaust/industrial fumes, soot and other chemical pollutants. Referring to today´s electro-magnetic environment, the watchword e-smog denotes the very situation we are finding ourselves in, meaning that we live in a world of overlapping fields of both differing frequency and intensity. The term electro-smog is synonymous for pollution of the environment due to electromagnetic fields and radiation.

With e-smog,the biggest interference factor is not the (strength of the electrical)current but first and foremost its frequency.

The disturbing factor is not the intensity of the electro-magnetic impact (in the same vein: the difference between noise, as disturbing as it may be, and soothing, pleasant music is not the volume) but the sampling and tracing rate. Similarly, e-smog is primarily a question of the frequency and tracing rate as opposed to allegedly being a question of the intensity of the electromagnetic fields it produces. This fact is conclusively evidenced by a vast number of scientific studies. Consequently, discussing safety limits evades the issue altogether since electro-magnetic fields are capable of biological activity on a cellular level, regardless of their weakness or intensity, respectively.

Each and every organism has its individual way of reacting and adapting to environmental factors – including electro-magnetic fields. E-smog creates an artificial stress situation for the biological system, severely and adversely affecting hormone production (melatonin!) and metabolism alike. If this situation of continuous stress continues during the night and the body´s regeneration phase is compromised, one stands a very good chance of developing serious health complaints in due course. Hence maintaining a safe and protected environment in the home and workplace are of vital importance.

Safety limits Safety limits the world over are technical safety limits, meaning that whatever health implications they are supposed to protect has never been tested on living biological systems over a longer period of time prior to their implementation. Safety limits refer to one kind of radiation or size only. However, the biological system is assaulted by more than one kind of radiation; it is assaulted by the sum total of any and all radiation, of natural origin as well as man made (satellites, radar, cordless phones, high frequency transmitter masts, pulsed microwave radiation). Add to this all the television sets on the planet, electrical devices based on an alternating current, trains, subways, etc. For this sum total of electro-magnetic exposure there are no safety limits, let alone measuring devices capable of recording the impact of this radiation soup. Today´s measuring devices are only capable of recording transverse waves but never longitudinal waves and their biological effects.

Stress Depending on their physical size as well as the time frame during which impact occurs, electro-magnetic fields additionally create "technical stress". Our products reduce the stress factor induced by e-smog, thus easing the strain on the immune system, activating in turn the body´s own regulatory properties.

From the celebrated ETAScan device, showing cell phone damage to blood cells - The restorative powers of the WillauTronic® chips after only 10 minutes with a handy chip being installed in the cell phone is shown on the lower plate with amazing strengthening results.

A warning from Microsoft Attached to the bottom of wireless keyboards (Bluetooth), this disclaimer is to nip in the bud potential lawsuits  while sounding like an involuntary admission of guilt on behalf of the industry: "Health warning - Use of a key board or mouse may be linked to serious injuries or disorders. When using a computer, you may experience occasional discomfort in your hands, arms, shoulders, neck, or other parts of your body. However, if you experience symptoms such as persistent or recurring discomfort, pain, throbbing, aching, tingling, numbness, burning sensation, or stiffness, DO NOT IGNORE THESE WARNNG SIGNS. PROMPTLY SEE A QUALIFIED HEALTH PROFESSIONAL, even if symptoms occur when you are not working at your computer. Symptoms like these can be associated with painful and sometimes permanently disabling injuries or disorders if the nerves, muscles, tendons, or other parts of the body. "


Risk: Study alert on mobile phone risk for young

Children who use mobile phones are five times more likely to develop brain tumours, according to alarming new research which has sparked warnings that young people should text message and make phone calls only in emergencies.

The Swedish study, which was presented to a British conference on the impact of mobile phones on health, indicated that under-16s were more at risk of radiation from handsets because their brains and nervous systems were still developing.

Researchers said people who started using mobile phones before the age of 20 were five times more likely to contract glioma, a cancer of the glial cells which support the central nervous system.

Professor Lennart Hardell, of the University Hospital in Orebro, Sweden, said radiation from the phones penetrated deeper into children's brains because their heads were smaller and skulls were thinner than that of an adult.

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