Dear Irene

I just wanted to thank you for your advice and time yesterday. You certainly are an incredibly inspiring lady who I have great deal of admiration for.

You have given me a well needed wake up call and im looking forward to getting stuck into your books and working towards adopting changes in my health.

You’d be pleased to know I started the day with lemon juice, my whey smoothie and 1.5L of water!!

If possible can we bring A----- appt forward in date, pref time 5pm or 5.30pm onwards. He is keen to see you asap?

Thank you and warm regards,

M (1-2-07)


From Southside Community Services

Dear Irene

On behalf of the Southside Community Services Thursday Drop In Group, I would like to thank you very much for the informative session on "Herbal Happiness" you presented.

Many of the group members commented on how patient and helpful you were in answering their questions, - a couple are now taking Ginkgo Biloba and feel much better for doing so.  Maybe later in the year you would be available for a second session with the group.  Once again many thanks for you time.

Yours sincerely 


Community Worker



Regarding Cooking Classes


Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the cooking class. It was very valuable to see 'hands on' preparation and to learn many handy practical hints.  The discussions, also, were interesting and of much benefit.

Thanks also for your wonderful help in the 'clinic'.  I am really enjoying the changes to my health and looking forward to bringing my children to see you.

I feel it was a very lucky day when I picked up your brochure!




From Canberra Migraine Support Group

Dear Irene

Thank you very much for the excellent talk you gave to the group.  We all found it most interesting and even inspiring, you gave us many ideas for improving our diet and reducing our migraines.  I'm sure you'll be hearing from some of our members, whether it be for consultation or your Healthy Cooking classes.

Once again thank you for the time and effort you put in.

Yours sincerely

Secretary, Canberra Migraine Support Group


Food as Your Best Medicine seminars

Dear Irene

Thank you for conceptualising, organising and delivering the Food as Your Best Medicine seminars recently.  Your presentations were informative, interesting and entertaining.  You're a natural.

I appreciate your skills and competence Irene, and your unerring enthusiasm and jyful confidence which continues to assist me through these difficult times.

Blessing and thanks



Happy Parents!

Dear Irene

"We" just wanted to send you our most heartfelt thanks for your help in the miraculous conception of our beautiful baby girl.

After 4½ years (and less than 2 months treatment with you), A was conceived.  After a dream pregnancy and natural birth, she arrived a week and a half early to two very happy parents.

When we decide to try for a 2nd child , we will once again seek your help.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

C & S L


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