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Will parents outlive their children because of the junk foods that school children of today eat?

At this time there are more than two million diabetics in Australia and 70% of school children are overweight or obese!

My mission is to teach children and adults how to eat better and avoid diabetes and heart disease.

To teach school children how to prepare 20 simple healthy meals before they leave school is what I am here to do.

This will be via a DVD and personal educational programs for teachers and parents.

I am a long time devotee of eating for better health, author of A WAKE UP CALL and a health practitioner who practices what they preach.

I have written a meaningful song to help jolly Australian people into better eating habits.

We need professional musical assistance to make the CD and also funding for the DVD and educational project. Please speak up if you can help with the paper work, fund raising or anything else to get this project moving along - now.

I am not going away, so if you know of a friend or acquaintance that is supportive of this Mission please pass this information on to them.

Diabetes doesn't wait for you to get old. It is catching up with our younger generation much too fast.



At this time there are more than two million diabetics in Australia and 70% of Australian children are overweight or obese. A heading in the Sunday Telegraph on July the 9th 2006 titled Toddlers hit by diabetes - new fears about junk food makes the news. Whilst newspapers are proud to exhibit such alarming facts, what is really being done about the fast decline in the physical and mental health of the people of this country. There is an urgent and growing need to do something about the escalation of diabetes and heart disease in respect of preventative health medicine for the people of this country.

After over 20 years as a health practitioner and 20 years of nursing before that I self-published a book on improving one's general health with genuinely healthy meals (plus other ideas). My Nutrition and You book A WAKEUP CALL is written from the perspective of a nurse, mother, athlete and devoted health practitioner. I have affectionately described motherhood as the best job that I ever had, and wouldn't have swapped this experience for 'quids'. Many of the recipes in my book were designed for my children when they were growing up. These simple and nutritious meals have also delighted many dinner guests, family diners and the members of the soccer team approved also.

I am a long time devotee of eating for better health, having a special talent for putting together recipes and balancing daily and weekly family meals. These theories have been proved extremely effective in my daily work as a nutritionist and the Healthy Cooking Classes, which I have provided for the public of the last 15 years. All of my recipes are designed to taste good and provide the right balance of fresh fruit and vegetables, protein, carbohydrates and the very important good oils. As a health practitioner I could see the diabetic epidemic coming ten years ago because of the intake of high carbohydrate and low nutrient foods that have been well discussed well in A WAKEUP CALL.

My mission is to help children learn about nutritious food opposed to foodless food and how they can eat their way out of obesity and the diabetic epidemic with some simple and effective dietary changes. This includes teaching children how to prepare at least 20 simple healthy meals and snacks before they leave school. At this time the age group that I have chosen are 10 to 12 year olds although the objective is to extend these boundaries to all ages and of course adult education. I will make a comprehensive DVD on food preparation and cooking that can be used in school education programs. My DVD will be motivating, humorous and easy to understand yet suitable for people younger and older. It will also provide adults with valuable information about simple and economical genuinely healthy family meals.

My task is to get people back into the kitchen and motivate the kids of today into helping their parents to prepare simple casseroles, soups, salads, roast dinners and healthy snacks. There will be lots of flexibility with food preparation and the motivation plan is to increase the fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, good oils in the diet and reduce the carbohydrates. All of the cakes and biscuits that I have designed are packed with nutrition and are suitable for an easy meal with two pieces of fresh fruit that is - but ideally not every day of the week. My book clearly outlines the method that I propose to use for teaching purposes. This syllabus will be arranged to suit the age group at the time and modified to suit the audience at hand.

I propose to explain how healthier food options improve one's capacity to learn and exercise better; to avoid telling children what they should eat, but rather to encourage them to choose healthier foods at the school canteen and in the home because they understand what food does for their bodies. To make food a topic of discussion at school and get the kids to design a weekly menu around good nutrition - rather than sit and watch TV (with the exception of my educational DVD and proposed fortnightly healthy eating plan). My desire is to reach children at a younger age and before they become corrupted with take-away and junk food and advertising techniques that promote foodless foods and sugar drinks. At a later date this good information will be a natural extension to encourage all prospective parents about good nutrition before conception, during and after pregnancy and to maintain this in the longer term.

Steps I have taken to prepare myself for this task:

I have a genuine interest and a burning desire to help every child and adult in Australia to improve their general health, prevent diabetes, heart disease and a host of other disease syndromes that have developed in direct association with the invention of junk foods.

I have self published a comprehensive educational book on simple and effective way to improve one's general health with genuinely healthy, quick and easy meals that are suitable to 2007 and beyond. A WAKE UP CALL is complemented by a separate spiral bound recipe supplement and seven-day healthy eating guide.

Hands on experience with Nutrition and You Healthy Cooking Classes since 1995.

Over 20 years clinical experience teaching good nutrition, practising Herbal Medicine, Iridology and Live blood Analysis.

Some self funded education on media interviews and getting my message across.

Discussed my mission and goal setting with a Time Line Therapist. With out this valuable knowledge I would still be floundering to begin the process of facilitating my life's dream, and my mission of promoting food as one's best medicine.

Am writing a catchy and informative jingle/song at this present time. It is not finished yet but is coming along very well. I have been singing this in around the house and can't wait to share it with you all. Profits from this will help with funding the Kids' Nutrition & You Mission. There are numerous options for making this recording. If you are or know of some one who can put words and music together, do ask them if they could help with this please.

I'm not going away, so if you know of a friend or acquaintance who can assist with this mission statement please forward it on to them.

What I propose to do is the following:

Form a committee of suitable people who can get my Kids' Nutrition & You Mission program off the ground and keep it going strongly to all Australian people, and overseas.

The type of people suited to this mission will be energetic, patient and competently persistent. They will come from a variety of backgrounds and in fact be anyone who can offer some of their valuable time, appropriate ideas, special talents and initiative to carry them out. And of course be devoted to helping Australian children and adults avoid diabetes and heart disease (to name but a few). I seek no fame or fortune - just the assistance of some good Aussie people who are out there to volunteer some of their expertise for a very good cause.

We need funding for the Kids' of Australia Nutrition & You Mission to:

Record the song/jingle then sell this to help with further expenses for kids in need. If you know some one who can help put the words I have put together to music, don't be shy, please ask them for assistance in their specialised area.

Make an initial educational DVD on food as your best medicine to help teachers get the message across.

Make a second DVD of a 14-day healthy eating menu plan as set out in my book A WAKEUP CALL - this will be suitable for parents and kids as well.

Go from there and not look back, because there is absolutely insufficient being done about this crisis. And who is taking it seriously enough to stand up and really do something now about this disgusting situation of childhood obesity, diabetes and early heart disease - except us (well me at present, that is).

Many thanks, I hope to hear from you soon.



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