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A Caring and Professional Approach to Short and Long Term Good Health!

In clinical practice a holistic approach to total health care is used to evaluate and prescribe suitable herbal remedies, homoeopathic and nutritional supplements.

An extensive herbal dispensary of Western and Chinese herbs enables specific remedies to be prescribed to suit the changing needs of each patient.

A Wakeup Call - by Irene Hess-Oates

A WAKE UP CALL is an exciting and inspiring - easy to read and comprehensive guide to improving your general health - and keeping it that way.
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We are looking for a neat and tidy, non-smoking, humble person who is an animal lover and health conscious - or at least who wants to eat good meals with plenty of vegetables, legumes, fish and the occasional barbecue.  Bit alternative, flexible and able to lovingly care for our Siamese cat and garden in owners’ absence for a few days here and there.   


We have a large organic garden, 4 toy poodles, Samantha (our cat) and 2 birds that are our special friends and entertainment – (no more “babies” please).  We are in a quiet location adjacent to public transport to Belconnen and Civic.

Our particular likes are good karma, good food and sharing humble meals with our friends.  The person should have a good sense of humor as we laugh a lot – not big on TV (just in the evenings) or the doom and gloom of repetitive bad news.  Our adamant dislikes are dishonesty, animal cruelty, drugs and greed.   

Irene cooks a lot, has written a health cook book, “A Wake Up Call” and works from home as a medical herbalist and nutritionist.  There is a separate entrance for the clinic.

We have a furnished en-suite room available, have shared with others in the past and require a long term arrangement for the right person or couple.  Rent negotiable. 




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Recreational Raindrop Technique Training


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