Live Blood Analysis

The High Resolution Blood Morphology (HRBM) screening test provides instant information and valuable guidance to nutritional deficiencies, bacterial, viral or protozoal infections.  Similar to Hemaview Darkfield Microscopy, HRBM is a more advanced technique of understanding what is happening in your blood stream, 'Your River of Life'.

The HLB (Bradford Research) is a dried blood screening test that detects damage from free radicals which cause oxidative stress in tissues and organs in the body.  It provides further information about your physical health such as digestion, hormonal balance, lymphatic, adrenal or heart stress.  Physiological states such as arthritis, smoking damage, inflammation and muscle stiffness or sublaxationcan also be detected with HLB.

Live Blood Analysis (HRBM and HLB), in combination with iridology and urine analysis, provides invaluable information and greatly assists the practitioner in designing an appropriate nutritional treatment protocol for each patient.





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