Iris Analysis

What is Iridology?

Iridology is the study of the iris and sclera.  Your eyes are little bits of "know it all" because they are attached to the information centre of your brain stem.  These little data banks analyse and store your health records on your computer screens, your iris.  To an iridologist, such as Irene, iris diagnosis provides valuable information in the assessment of physical and emotion attributes of your genetic (inherited), or acquired (obtained through life style factors), weaknesses.

Irene has been using iridology in clinical practice since 1992 as one of her diagnostic methods.  To her iridology is like a good book.  When reading the iris the plot behind the story begins to unfold and further investigation leads to the prime suspect, or causative factor(s), that have initiated the health problems in the first place.

The 'who done it' mystery begins to reveal which organ is weaker and why as we look closer at the iris, observing the various colours and tissues strength of the organs, blood and lymph circulation, as set out on the 'iris map'.  One of the fabulous things about iris diagnosis is that where there is a genetic weakness this information is revealed in your iris.

Prevention is better than cure and with the appropriate herbal and nutritional remedies many health problems can be treated appropriately before they occur.  So the real culprit doesn't have to confess to the crime, because we are one step ahead of them by looking into your little computer banks of information, which we refer to as the 'windows of your soul'.

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