Correctly prescribed homoeopathic medicine can work wonders to assist in the treatment of acute and chronic disease.

Homoeopathy works on the principle of "like cures like" and uses minute doses of medicine to gently stimulate a favourable healing response.

At any one time the brain has about two million pieces of information to filter and select from, but it can only receive and process seven of these. An undernourished and overworked brain becomes lazy and will accept information via nerve messages that it recognises easily. When the same old pattens of misinformation keep turning up for the brain to filter and delegate, the body can become stuck in a corresponding emotional or physical routine.

What homoeopathy basically does is present the brain with better information so that it can easily recognise the problem and respond favourably with nerve messages that stimulate healing - in any part of the body.

A board range of homoeopathic complexes are available from this clinic.

These include: -

Brauer - homoeopathic drops, sprays and pills.

Heel - a complete range of tablets, cream and detoxification remedies for children and adults. Includes excellent remedies to assist colds or flu symptoms and to improve immune function.

Phenolic remedies - Metagenics range.

Reckeweg drops

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