My initial consultation is very comprehensive and generally takes from 1 1/2 to 2 hours as I am very thorough in the way I work.


The disciplines that I undertake during our time together are Western and Chinese Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Live Blood Analysis, Tongue and Pulse diagnosis, Homoeopathy and dietary issues.  Improving nutrition and providing good dietary guidance is an important part of my work to help people "Get Back On Track" to maintaining a better health and wellness routine.  Remember  ...  "Diabetes and heart disease doesn't wait for you to get old - it is catching up with children and adults (and the animal kingdom) much to fast"! 


I can assist with a wide variety of health related issues such as tiredness, low immunity, irritable bowel symptoms, feeling depressed, lack of motivation, improving exercise and/or athletic performance, women's and men's hormonal imbalance and fertility issues.  I have an Advanced Certificate in Natural Fertility Management & Better Babies Preconception Health Care having trained with Francesca Nash of the Jocelyn Centre and assisted many couples who have been through IVF.  For best results it is ideal for both couples to improve their health at least six months before conception.  Toxic food chemicals and environmental pollutants have drastically affected women's and men's reproductive health and this is of growing concern for the health of our future offspring.   


Herbal remedies are dispensed according to individual needs, live blood findings, tongue and pulse diagnosis and presenting symptoms.


The initial consultation cost is $125.00 and I am a Registered Provider with many Health Funds.  It would depend on the level of cover you may have with your Fund as to what rebate you would be entitled to.


I generally like to have a follow up consultation three to four week after the initial appointment to review the progress that is being made.  This consultation generally takes from ¾ to an hour and the fee is $50.00.


Shaded parking is provided under the canopy of several large fruit trees from which a meandering garden path, passing through the rose arbor, leads to my clinic.


Please ring me if you have further questions or would like to make an appointment.

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